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Bank of Angola provides US$200M for September auctions

At least US$200M is the amount the National Reserve Bank of Angola (BNA) has for sale by price auction for September this year.

The financial institution announced this in its website, adding the amount will be divided into eight sessions of US$25M each.

The value is lower than that announced at the end of July, when the BNA announced, for August and September transactions, an accumulated value of US$600M, at the rate of 300 million/month.

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Available data indicate that in the first half of the current year, BNA’s average sales stood at US$359.2M per month.

The data show that from January to June, the BNA sold about US$2.16B, a 49 percent reduction compared to the US$4.26B traded in the same period last year.

Source: Angop

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