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UNFAO promotes contract-based farming in Angola

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (UNFAO) announced that it is promoting contract-based agriculture in Angola, in partnership with the Angolan government.

This is an agreement in which the producer and buyer agree, in advance, on the terms and conditions for production and sale of agricultural and livestock goods. It includes price, quality, quantity and delivery date.

It is a mechanism “increasingly used in the world,” said the FAO representative in Angola, Gherda Barreto, at the “Feira do Campo,” which this Saturday closed in Quibala municipality.

Present at the fair, Kwanza Sul governor, Job Capapinha, said that the province continued to have a deficit in production of the main agricultural products, particularly cereals.

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To reverse that situation, he said it was essential to improve, among other things, land preparation, distribution of inputs, technical assistance to family farmers, associations and cooperatives.

The Quibala municipal administrator, Joao Manuel Nunes, said that 181 rural plots of land had been granted for the current agricultural season, with 68 of the beneficiaries complaining of a lack of support, as well as difficulties in marketing and selling the production.

The countryside fair takes place under the slogan, “Do Campo, Mais Produção, Mais Escoamento, Mais Rendimento Nacional” (From the Countryside, More Production, More Outflow, More National Income). The event brings together 150 marketers, among family farmers, cooperatives and farmers from the 12 municipalities of the province of Kwanza Sul.

Source: Angop

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