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Mozambique begins second phase of easing Covid-19 restrictions

Mozambique today enters the second phase of the resumption of social and economic activities suspended within the scope of the second Covid-19 state of emergency, in force since August 8.

President Filipe Nyusi announced on August 5 that, from September 1, cinemas, theatres, casinos, gymnasiums and driving schools would reopen, along with other activities considered medium risk in terms of infection by the new coronavirus.

Phase Three of the resumption of economic activities will start on October 1st with the resumption of Grade 12 classes, the last year of secondary education in Mozambique.

“As for pre-school, primary and general secondary education, its resumption is dependent on the verification of conditions imposed by health authorities and inspection bodies,” the head of state said, adding that the same applied to team sports.

Establishments selling alcoholic beverages will remain closed until the proper conditions for their reopening are confirmed.

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The head of state also indicated that the resumption of international flights would be “streamlined”, as long as they respected preventive measures, adding that details about this sector would be announced.

The first phase of easing restrictions began on August 18 with the resumption of classes in higher and technical education, Security and Defence Forces academies and teacher and health personnel training institutions.

The first phase also permitted the resumption of religious services, but with participants not exceeding 50 in number, while the number of people allowed to attend funeral ceremonies increased from 10 to 50.

“We believe that this option is the one that best serves the interests of our people. Only then will we be able to ensure the necessary balance between restrictive measures and the gradual relaunch of economic activity,” President Nyusi said at the time.

Mozambique has lived with Covid-19 restrictions for the past five months, since the first state of emergency, with three subsequent extensions, was declared on April 1.

Source: Lusa via Club of Mozambique

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