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Rwanda’s new US$40M cement plant to address shortages

Cement scarcity in Rwanda might be an issue of the past after a new cement manufacturer, Prime Cement Limited commissioned its new state-of-the-art plant in Musanze, Northern Province.

The plant’s maiden 500 tonnes were immediately whisked by distributors who were eagerly waiting for the cement to market. The factory received certification by Rwanda Standards Bureau and its cement is already available in most of the hardware stores across the country and is ready for delivery to construction sites.

The US$40M plants are part of the Milbridge Holding, a group of companies involved in manufacturing and distribution of construction materials in Angola, the United Arab Emirates, Rwanda and South Africa.

The plant has come at a time when a number of construction projects were stalling due to shortage of supply on the local market. Rolf Anttila, the General Manager of Prime Cement, said that the plant will significantly reduce imported cement “with our own Made in Rwanda brand.”

“This is the perfect time to go to market as projects have been experiencing delays because of lack of cement in the country, ” he told Taarifa on Tuesday afternoon. “We will continue to innovate as we also plan expansion to move from the current 600,000 tons per year to 1,200,000 tons per year in the next two years. This will not only allow us to satisfy the growing demand for cement in the country but also allow us to export to regional markets, ” the Swedish cement veteran said.

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Rwanda’s current cement demand stands at around 800,000 tons per year, while the country produces around 480,000 tons hence relying on imports to cover the production shortfall. Currently, importation has been made difficult due to the coronavirus pandemic. This has affected the progress of a number of construction projects.

The company’s Commercial Manager, John Jovith Maridadi said, “Rwanda is in a construction boom. The need for quick and readily available cement has never been efficient, coupled with impeccable customer service and innovation. There is strength in each bag of Prime Cement – a strength that brings people together in varying forms. It could be family, friends, workmates – businesses- When we come together, we are stronger together.” Thus Prime Cement slogan- Stronger Together.

Rwanda’s unique natural volcanic pozzolana is known all over the world to be among the best, coupled with world-class machinery and technology from Germany.

“You are guaranteed a world-class cement for infrastructure projects that will last for generations. We are happy and ready to be part of Rwanda’s transformational journey. We are Better Together, with this we promise that together we will build better and stronger communities, ” Maridadi said.

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