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Visit Stellenbosch launches initiative to drive recovery of local business

Tackling the revival and swift recovery of the tourism sector in times of COVID-19 and beyond with characteristic ingenuity, Stellenbosch is embarking on a range of initiatives aimed at supporting local business, driving demand and inspiring locals to experience and share their town the same way a tourist would.

Few towns in South Africa have tackled the challenges that have arisen as a result of COVID-19 as innovatively and collaboratively as Stellenbosch has. Stellenbosch residents and businesses have stood together in solidarity and found novel solutions, whether through the establishment of Stellenbosch Unite to feed vulnerable communities or rolling out one of the first travel readiness campaigns in sub-Saharan Africa, Stellenbosch Ready.

“As an extension of Visit Stellenbosch’s initiatives, Support Stellenbosch has been created to inspire locals to support local and stimulate our town’s economy and pave the way for its swift recovery.

To that end, we are extending this solidarity to support our restaurants and tourism businesses that continue to be affected by the lockdown and resulting lack of patronage,” explains Jeannneret Momberg, CEO Visit Stellenbosch, the town’s official Destination Marketing Organisation.

What makes this campaign so unique is that it taps into the town’s residents, encouraging them to help support local businesses but also to use their personal networks to promote what the town has to offer. It helps change consumer behaviour and makes it ‘normal’ for people to eat out, enjoy experiences and stay over at a hotel.

Support Stellenbosch sees businesses coming together to offer all kinds of specials on travel packages, accommodation and experiences. The initiative also features an innovative rewards programme where visitors receive a voucher to the value of 50% of what they spend. This means that cash will be injected directly back into their local economy (and stay there).

Source: Botswana Unplugged

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