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Weekend: The versatility of peanuts in Nigeria

What’s not to love about peanuts? One unique quality aside health benefits that spikes my love for peanuts is its versatility. I practically own a booklist of recipes I have tried and more that I would love to try.

Peanuts commonly called groundnuts in Nigeria has a billion dollar revenue and serves on many levels both as a cash crop, a cuisine and a snack. With quite a number of nutritional benefits and mouth watering recipes, a few of the many that are prepared and enjoyed in Nigeria includes

  1. Peanut butter ; Prepared and consumed within and outside the shores of Nigeria. Made from dry and roasted peanuts with additional ingredients to enhance taste, texture and shelf life.
    Spread on bread, sandwiches and cookies.
  2. Donkwa; Also called Tanfiri is another yummy snack made from powdered maize and roasted peanuts. Mainly prepared by the northerners and consumed by many across Nigeria.
    I loved donkwa as a kid and I ensured to savor every ball I got with love as it is mildly spiced with chili powder to enhance taste.
    Though consumed as a snack, but actually also as a perfect starter or party canapé.
  3. KuliKuli : Also known as groundnut cake. Made from dry and roasted peanuts which gives it crunchiness. Spiced with powdered chili, ginger and onion. Can be eaten anytime of the day either alone or with cassava flakes aka garri in Nigeria.
  4. Groundnut soup : A warm staple Nigerian cuisine, moderately spiced and perfect for any season of the year, hence it versatility. Prepared with peanuts of course, lots of proteins, spices like kale and habanero peppers commonly called ata rodo by the westerners in Nigeria.

I would love to share other amazing self developed recipes in subsequent articles once I have tried and perfected them.
Feel free to share your best peanut cuisine or recipe in the comments l section.

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