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Angola’s Quizenga to absorb students from agricultural schools

The Quizenga public-private partnership project, which aims to infrastructure 5,000 hectares and provide agricultural equipment, located in the municipality of Cacuso, will employ the best students from the agricultural schools of Kwanza Norte and Malanje, settle 420 peasant families and provide space for entrepreneurs.

The project, which began in 2019 and is scheduled to end in 2021, involves the clearing of 5,000 hectares of land, 3,000 of which will be used for commercial farming and 2,000 for small family farmers.

The aim, according to the project, is to achieve annual production of 20,000 tonnes of maize, 5,000 tonnes of beans and 3,500 tonnes of soya.

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Agriculture and Fisheries Minister António Francisco de Assis, who assessed the project’s implementation, said he was satisfied with the progress of the work, with 60 percent execution, having already generated 180 direct jobs out of the 1,200 planned until its completion.

The project will have an integrated production chain from agricultural production to industrial processing, with the installation of silos, scales and a factory for corn meal.

Without revealing the amount used, the minister said that all financial aspects had been taken into account, as all charges had already been paid.

Source: Angop

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