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POSCO E&C opens Mozambique Nampula-Nametil road

POSCO E&C opened a 70-kilometer road linking Nampula and Nametil, the central cities of northern Mozambique, on Aug. 28.

The construction for the two-lane road began in December 2017 and was completed in July this year. POSCO E&C has kept a 30-month construction period despite poor local conditions and difficult environment such as COVID-19.

“Infrastructure projects in Africa are often delayed due to external factors such as climate, endemic diseases and political issues. Accordingly, local people are grateful and praising POSCO E&C for its timely completion,” an official of POSCO E&C said.

The road connects the capital, Maputo, to the northern region, and the project funds are the Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF) supported by the Seoul government through the South Korea Export-Import Bank.

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As the unpaved section has been transformed into an asphalt road, the time required for passengers and logistics transportation will be drastically reduced from three hours to one hour.

“Although we had a lot of difficulties in carrying out the construction, we were able to complete the project in a proper time because it was the company’s first project to advance into Africa,” the official said.

POSCO E&C has also played a role as a citizen of a global model company by conducting social contribution activities such as traffic safety education and donation of sports goods to local students in line with its management ideology of ‘corporate citizen who develops together with people.’

Source: The Korea Times via Club of Mozambique

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