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Angola Finance Ministry changes payment reference

Angola’s Ministry of Finance (Finfin) has changed the Unique State Payment Reference (RUPE), changing its code from 15 to 20 digits, aimed at improving the payment system which supports the collection of public revenue.

This change was introduced on September 1, according to a note from the Interbank Services Company (EMIS) to which Angop had access.

The move aims at facilitating payments to the State.

Thus, bank customers now only select the option “Payment to the State”, without having to select the entity to which the payment relates.

In this way, adds the note, the Single Government Payment Reference becomes intuitive, transparent and easy to understand, with a standardised presence in all payment channel services, such as ATMs.

“This innovation can give greater freedom to the entities that benefit from the payments, because their codification becomes neutral,” the statement read.

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The note explains that the encoding has no impact on the presentation of the service in the various payment channels “.

The document also mentions that the introduction of the modification, despite all the care taken in its preparation, caused disruptions in the use of the various payment channels.

This situation has been overcome, therefore EMIS hereby apologises to the public for any difficulty caused by the change in the payment system.

According to EMIS, payments to the state, in this new format, will also be available on the Express Banking ATM service, from September 12.

Source: Angop

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