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Angola calls for increased agribusiness production

The Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, António Francisco de Assis, in Luanda called on the national business community to invest in the agri-business sector, with the aim of increasing food production.

Speaking at the first meeting of the Angola-India Bilateral Joint Commission, by videoconference, the Cabinet minister told the press that much experience could be gained from this Asian country to be used in national family farming, as actions to boost agri-business and the logistics system.

“Today what stands out most is the lack of logistics, which is not the responsibility of the producer. Several chains have to intervene, mainly the private sector, to evacuate and market the products. These are issues for the economy and not for the farmer. Unfortunately these processes are slow in our country. That is why it is necessary to focus on agribusiness,” he said.

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Also about India, he said that the country had strong capital and Angolan experts should be able to obtain knowledge and use it in Angola, so that domestic producers are better trained.

The limitations noted, such as lack of financial resources, lower oil prices, which hamper agricultural production, amongst others, also deserved references from the minister, who advocated structured and joint work between the different sectors.

In relation to the meeting, opened by the Angolan foreign minister, Téte António, it analysed a cooperation agreement in the field of health, on removing visas from diplomatic and service passports, a memorandum of understanding between the diplomatic institutes of India and Angola.

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