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Africa Think ahead # Lay hold of the future – weekend

An entrepreneur is the one who brings solutions to the people and get paid for that. These solutions must be maintained and grow steady, improved to reach generations yet to come. Hence one when planning needs to think sixty years ahead. One must think how will you manage and grow your business to last centuries when you are long gone.

Africa take time think how can you impact your children’s children with what you are building today. What strategies can you put in place to grow your business. How many nations you want to reach with your products or services? The world is changing and all things are going to be done digital, have you prepared the business to adapt?

Are we willing to get robots to work for us and if so what is going to happen with human resources.
I believe that as businesses we need to take a lead in developing our current employees and help them to be part of the value chain as we have approached 4th industrial revolution. How will it look like when we reach 5th industrial revolution? These are the realities we need to tackle and make an informed decision to keep growing.

We have to embrace change and get things to work for us and our generations. Thinking deeper, discussing with our teams and plan the reality of what we are facing as businesses. Who knew we will be here today? Hence we need to prepare those we work with, equip them with knowledge and skills to start their own businesses and get our economies running. We must inspire our children to study robotics, coding and other technological courses to bring better future solutions in our businesses.

Africans think ahead, research , plan, benchmark, implement and thrive!

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