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Completion of Angola’s Angosat-2 within 21 months

Angola’s ongoing satellite project, the AngoSat-2, will be completed within 21 months, according to National Space Programme.

This was confirmed by the general director of management of National Space Programme, Zolana João, who said that AngoSat2 will be launched in the first half of 2022.

“We announced the launch for the first half of 2022 and there are about 21 months left for this date, the deadline for the conclusion”, stressed the official.

With an estimate useful lifespan of 15 years, the satellite will be based in the Eurostar-3000 platform.

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The construction of the new satellite will have no cost to the Angolan State, due to the fact that the contract of more than US$300M, signed with the Russian side for the construction of Angosat-1, protected the interests of Angola, in case of disappearance or destruction of the satellite.

The cost of AngoSat-2 is being covered by a more than US$300M spent on AngoSat-1, after the latter was officially declared lost and Angolan government accepted an offer to provide a replacement.

Angola chose Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems to develop the second telecommunications satellite, Angosat-2.

Source: Angop

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