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Qatar eyes Tanzania ICT and energy investments

The United Republic of Tanzania is seeking Qatari investments in various sectors following a ‘massive reform’ to transform the East African nation into an industrial economy, its top diplomat in Qatar has said.

According to Tanzanian ambassador Fatma Mohamed Rajab, the country has vast investment opportunities to offer in the areas of agriculture, manufacturing, mining, health, education, transportation, livestock, fishing, tourism, ICT, energy, infrastructure, and services sectors, among other fields.

‘Tanzania has witnessed a massive reform to transform the country to an industrial economy to a very high rate of growth for the past years due to the facilities offered by the government for many promising investment and tourist destinations promoting the need to inform the Qatar Community to these reforms to attract investors,’ Rajab stressed.

To meet these objectives, Rajab said the embassy previously held a virtual forum to outline potential investment areas in Tanzania before institutions in the country like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Qatar Chamber, and Qatar Mining, as well as various diplomats and business owners.

Present during the ‘Tanzania Digital Business Forum’, which carried the theme ‘Invest Today, Earn Tomorrow’, were official guests led by Tanzania’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and East African Co-operation Damas Ndumbaro; Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC), Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority (ZIPA), State Mining Corporation (Stamico), Tanzania Mining Commission, Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB), Zanzibar Tourism Commission (ZTC), and Tanzania Horticulture Association (Taha).

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Rajab said the embassy of Tanzania also partnered with Qatari company KON in organising the forum to promote other products like minerals, beef, coffee, spices, honey, and essential oils, which ‘are in high demand in the Qatar market.’

‘Through this platform, Tanzania will be able enhance its investment ties with Qatar and to promote its trade and investments in the Qatar market, as well as attract business opportunities and foreign direct investment (FDI) to the Tanzania economy,’ the ambassador pointed out.

She added, ‘In having KON as strategic partner, the embassy is intending to increase the trade volume by organising more business and investment forums to promote Tanzania’s business and investment.’

Mohamed R Massani, founder and chairman of KON, said, ‘We envision making our business diplomacy partnership exemplary; every member of KON Group is striving to succeed and taking this exceptionally impeccable business partnership with all embassies in Qatar and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the next level by the end of 2021.’

Source: MenaFN

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