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Fisheries: 90% of Mozambique’s production comes from the artisanal sector

Mozambique expects to harvest 461,000 tons of fish this year, 416,000 tons of it from artisanal production and 441,000 tons destined for domestic consumption.

The information was shared by the Minister of the Sea, Interior Waters and Fisheries, Augusta Maita in Radio Mozambique’s ‘Cartas na Mesa’ programme on Monday.

Addressing the challenges facing the sector in the present five-year mandate and the degree of implementation of Covid-19 prevention measures, Minister Maita said: “At this moment, statistics indicate that about 90% of global production comes from artisanal fishing, which raises the need for us to look more closely into this sector.”

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“Of course, we are aware that, as a country with a 2,700 kilometre coast line, it is not easy to manage a sector like this. For that reason, the government has been adopting a series of measures,” she added.

Augusta Maita noted that artisanal fishing involves more than 400,000 people, including fishermen and those working in related activities.

Source: Rádio Moçambique via Club of Mozambique

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