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Mozambique approves State Budget amendment proposal

The Mozambican government approved the proposal to revise the State Budget (OE) for 2020, according to a note from Tuesday’s Council of Ministers meeting seen by Lusa.

“The proposed amendment aims to correct the fiscal imbalances created by the new situation,” says the document, in an allusion to the Covid-19 pandemic, “safeguarding the continuity of a set of priority activities, defined in the budgetary policy”.

The note does not clarify the changes in question, but Filimão Swazi, spokesman for the Council of Ministers, indicated the areas in need of reinforcement, without giving specific figures.

“There must be a special amount for the health sector,” in view of “efforts to acquire equipment, but also for the operation of health units, which are doing well above normal work,” he said.

“Several areas of government activity have suffered and are suffering profoundly from the effects of the novel coronavirus,” Swazi said, citing culture, sports and education, the latter grappling with “ongoing reconstructions and rehabilitation”.

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This references works to equip schools with hygienic conditions in compliance with Covid-19 prevention measures.

“Also, the Defence and Security [sector] requires a better percentage of the state budget,” Swazi added.

The Assembly of the Republic of Mozambique approved the 2020 State Budget on April 16, forecasting revenues of MZN 235.5B (€2.7B) and expenses of MZN 345.3B (€4.00B).

Mozambique had, by Wednesday (September 16), an accumulated total of 5,994 cases of Covid-19, with 39 deaths and 3,267 recoveries.

Source: Lusa via Club of Mozambique

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