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Rwandan farmers rush back to fields as 2021A season begins

Rwandan farmers across the country have turned to their gardens as they prepare for the forthcoming 2021A season. The rains are underway and some parts of the country especially in the eastern province have started receiving rain.

Reverien Nteziyaremye a resident of Ndatemwa in Gatsibo district has already ploughed his half-hectare piece of land and is waiting for the right amount of rainwater to reach the soils so that he can plant early.

“I am waiting to pick quality seeds from TUBURA. I intend to plant maize and beans this season,” Nteziyaremye told Taarifa on Wednesday as he waited in a queue of farmers at a supply point in Ndatemwa trading centre.

One Acre Fund – TUBURA was launched in Rwanda in 2007- it provides financing for farm inputs, training farmers in agriculture techniques, and educating them on how to minimize post-harvest losses and maximize market prices.

On average, farmers working with One Acre Fund – TUBURA realise 100% return on their investment and significantly increase farm income on every planted acre.

Under this program, supply inputs (DAP, Urea, NPK 17, lime) and other products (Sun King Pro solar lamps) are extended to small farmers on credit. Nteziyaremye says he has paid Rwf5000 within his group of farmers through which seeds and fertilizers are accessed.

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Agriculture Recovery Plan Under Covid-19

Earlier in May, Rwanda announced a recovery plan estimated at a cost of Rwf800B aimed at guiding the government on required key interventions across different sectors that would provide support to households and boost employment and growth towards recovery.

“As we adopt the recovery plan, we want to address issues of social protection, agriculture. We need to improve productivity, and food security,” Uzziel Ndagijimana-Minister for Finance and Economic Planning while defending the plan.

For this upcoming season 2021A, government has ensured that farmers have quick access and use of inputs (improved seed, fertilizers, lime and water).

On improved seeds, government has a plan of ensuring availability of sufficient quantities of hybrid maize, wheat and soybean seed – and shall be made affordable. Availability of fertilizers is an important component in realizing good yields in the 2021A and 2021B seasons.

In this recovery plan, farmers are required to use lime. The government says it will ensure there are no delays in procurement and delivery of lime to farmers in need. Small-Scale irrigation programs will receive support too. According to government, it is projected that the food reserve should store an equivalent of maize and beans for 10% of the population at 2,500Kcal per person per day.

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