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Mozambique plans to build landfill in every province by 2024

The Mozambican Ministry of Land and Environment reiterated the effort by the government to construct a landfill in each province of the country by 2024.

The announcement was made during a volunteer beach cleaning activity led by the ministry at the Catembe Beach, in the country’s capital city Maputo, to celebrate the World Cleanup Day.

“We are working to build infrastructure that will guarantee proper management of solid waste in our urban centers so that the current situation, in which we have total absence of landfills and the consequences it brings, is no longer a reality,” said the Mozambican minister of Land and Environment Ivete Maibaze in her speech at the event.

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The minister said that part of work being done is following President Filipe Nyusi’s pledge to build a landfill in every province of the country until 2024, and the waste management is expected to create a new value chain in a circular economy.

The minister also made an appeal for Mozambican’s personal responsibility over environmental protection, saying that it is not an exclusive responsibility of the government.

Actions to celebrate World Cleanup day took place across Mozambique, mostly through volunteer beach cleaning activities.

Source: Xinhuanet

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