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Angola ports should operate as transhipment of goods in Africa

Angolan minister of Transport Ricardo D’Abreu announced the government intention to make the Angolan Port facilities true regional logistic platforms for transhipping African commodities.

Ricardo de Abreu said the current activity of the national ports is mainly turned to the import and export of goods, when they should serve as regional and national logistic platforms coordinated with the Benguela Railway.

The official mentioned the ports of Lobito (Benguela), Luanda, Tombwa (Namibe), Soyo ( Zaire) and Porto Amboim ( Cuanza Sul), whose the activity is restricted to the internal needs.

He is of the view that these ports should be used as transhipment of merchandise for the sub-region and other areas of the continent.

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Ricardo de D’Abreu, who was speaking at webinar on “Resilient Infrastructure and Sustainable Industrialisation” sponsored by Santa Catarina Academy, defended the need for the ports to extend their activity and change their performance in the context of diversification of the economy.

“We need to diversify the activity of the ports in order to cover 1,600 kilometer coast. There are no renowned and worldwide private entity operating in all ports”, stressed the minister.

The minister expressed intention to develop the logistic platforms by connecting with the inland and the region-based land-locked countries.

To achieve this goal, the minister defended creation of rail capacity linking to the neighbour countries, such as Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Zambia (connected with the Benguela railway), Republic of Congo and other countries.

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