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Mozambique: Beira’s ‘Parque Verde’ to operate for 2 years under management unit

The city of Beira’s new Parque Verde [Green Urban Infrastructures] will be managed, in a first phase, by a Management and Organisation Unit, integrating foreign technical staff and currently being set up, Jornal Notícias reports today.

Director of works, Paulo Óscar, says the Management and Organisation Unit will manage the Parque Verde for a period of two years, prior to handing it over to the Municipal Council of Beira (CMB).

Physically, the project, centred on the River Chiveve, is 70% complete, and is expected to be finished by December of this year.

The Management and Organisation Unit is being set up with the support of company SWECO, with financing from the German Development Bank (KFW) of about MZN 170.4M (€2M).

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Source: Noticias via Club of Mozambique

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