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Weekend: The uniqueness of being African and the path to self-discovery

You cannot change your past, but the future you can prepare for it. When we were young, growing up in South Africa, we were told to study hard, go to university and pass to be employed, and enter into a circle of buying things on credit and so on. This kept us laying off our capabilities and talents, people studied to be employed not to create employment.

Beautiful African! Shake it off, learn to unlearn what does not build our continent. Start thinking about what you can make with your hands and explore your abilities, take time deep down, meditate and challenge your thinking, naturally ideas will come up. You are born for a purpose, you have lives to impact and you have a great role to play on planet earth.

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The world is yearning for your uniqueness, that part of you that will make things go around and change lives. You are a special being, then discover it and start working towards it. Shake off all the past, you can’t change it but you can unlearn it and do better. You are special, play your part well and make a good path for your generations. Let’s deliver to the world the best of ourselves, the uniqueness we have and the talents that God placed in us.

Challenge the status quo and makes thing better. It starts from within, by you making that decision to change things in a positive way, then it will go to communities and to the nations and to the world. Be a better version of your self, have integrity in your dealings, what you give is what you are. Be a better version of your self, shake it off Africans, shake it off! Be a better you and let’s build our economies.

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