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African Tradition: Kenya’s Maasai gather for once-in-a-decade ceremony

Kenya’s Maasai gather for once-in-a-decade ceremony to turn warriors into elders: Thousands of Maasai men clad in red and purple shawls and with their heads coated in red ochre gathered this week for a ceremony that transforms them from Moran (warriors) to Mzee (elders).

Around 15,000 men from all over Kenya and neighbouring Tanzania congregated in Maparasha Hills in Kajiado County, 128 km from Nairobi, to feast on an estimated 3,000 bulls and 30,000 goats and sheep.

The ceremony occurs once every decade at the site, which is surrounded by hills and dotted with acacia trees.

Image Source: Reuters

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On Wednesday, the men roasted the meat on beds of coal from acacia trees, holding staffs and swords.

“I used to be a Moran, but after this ceremony, I now graduate to be a Mzee (elder),” Stephen Seriamu Sarbabi, a 34-year-old livestock trader, said.


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