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Angola’s liquidity provisions stand at a daily average of £25M

Commercial banks joined the Permanent Liquidity Provision Facility at Overnight maturity (FCO) 14-18 September, with daily average Transaction standing at AKz 20.3B.

In the same period, the National Bank of Angola (BNA) also held 66 lending and liquidity borrowing operations in national currency worth AKz 263.3B.

National currency transactions were held at an average interest rate of 12.75% per year, BNA has announced on its website to which Angop had access.

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However, from 7 to 11 September, the daily average, to which commercial banks resorted to FCO was higher, amounting to AKz 31B.

In the same period, 92 operations were carried out on the interbank lending and liquidity borrowing market, estimated at AKz 344.7B, with an average interest rate of 13.01% per year.

Source: Angop

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