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Angola seeks to ease pandemic impacts on agriculture: official

Angolan authorities are working to alleviate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on its agriculture sector with multiple means, said Secretary of State for Agriculture Joao da Cunha on Monday.

Addressing the 27th session of the FAO Committee on Agriculture in a video conference, Joao da Cunha said that the agricultural sector in Angola has to face some challenges as a result of the limitations imposed on free movement of people and goods.

An emergency fund will be created to support programs for agriculture, livestock and fisheries, especially for the most vulnerable communities, he said.

A voluntary code of conduct on food loss and waste reduction will be in place for the fight against waste amid widening hunger, said the official.

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He said that it is a priority on the government’s agenda to increase and diversify agricultural and fishery production in order to reduce food deficit, improve nutrition and the living conditions of the people.

To achieve this goal, he said, the country is gradually improving its production methods by encouraging mechanization, given that its agriculture still primarily relies on human labour and animal traction.

Source: Angop

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