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Mozambique international tender for renewable energy projects

Mozambique launched yesterday an international public tender for the award of four renewable energy projects with expected investments of €200M, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources said in a statement.

In the note, the ministry said that three solar farms will be auctioned in the districts of Dondo, Sofala province, and Manje, Tete province, both in central Mozambique, Lichinga district, Niassa province, north, and a wind farm in Inhambane province, south.

The four projects will have a production capacity of 40 megawatts each.

“These initiatives are part of the Promotion of Renewable Energy Auctions [Proler], which serves as a mechanism for bidding for projects in this area, thus contributing to a greater capacity to generate renewable energy resources at low cost for the benefit of the end consumer,” the statement said.

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Launching auctions in a public bidding system aims to confer greater transparency and competitiveness in the renewable energy sector, attracting potential domestic and foreign investors.

The project counts with a financial aid of €37M from the European Union in partnership with the French Development Agency.

The initiative aims to promote alternative sources of quality and low-cost energy, ensuring a greater contribution of renewable energies in the energy transition and electrification of the entire country.

Wednesday’s event is part of the National Energy Programme for All and is aligned with the United Nations 2030 Agenda which aims to ensure universal access to quality, affordable and sustainable energy.

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