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Discover Falcon Golf Club, secret jewel on Rwanda lake Muhazi shores

This weekend plan to escape from traffic jams, noise of all manner and the increasingly impure air in Kigali- a secret natural jewel one hour away is hidden and waiting to be discovered in Rwamagana district.

Locals in this area told Taarifa that in the colonial times, a Belgian family had settled here on hundreds of hectares that gently slope and touch on the shy shores of Lake Muhazi known to meander through this part of Rwanda. The only colonial evidence of this claim is presence of a hut that housed the servant’s family.

Today these hectares of land have been turned into a magnificent country golf course by a Rwandan investor Innocent Rutamu who is also a shrewd golfer– remember there are only two golf courses in the country including one in the heart of the capital Kigali.

If you are looking to bond with nature in its purity and form, then don’t hesitate, pack up and head eastward and branch off the highway from a very busy food and fruits market, continue on the well pressed murram road that snakes through humble but neat upcountry homes.

On either side of the road you will can see banana plantations, and hear the mooing cows in zero grazing pens. Do not drive too fast on this road because residents including children and livestock may be crossing – you will suddenly reach your final left turn that leads to Falcon Golf Club.

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At the gate similar to those mostly seen at ranches, you will find a guy with a shy smile seated on a plastic chair- he will walk straight towards your car holding a giant hardcover book in one hand and a hand sanitizer in another and also has a thermo gun. He will take your body temperature, press sanitizer on your hands and ask you to record your details before allowing you in.

Inside the Falcon Golf Club facility, your eyes will be turning and rolling because there is too much of natural that you want to capture as if you are the first person in this place. Relax and park your car then take a tour. Definitely my favourite part is running down to the lake shores and open my mouth and nose and eyes to breath in large volumes of pure oxygen- it feels and gives a perfect return nature.

At least everyday there are golfers teeing off on the expanse course- you can take a tour of the entire landscaping with giant trees standing at a site of home to the former Belgian colonialist.

Locals can be seen in canoes quietly sliding on the lake- they are fishing and you can speak to them from the shores. When you return to the reception or kitchen counter depending on what comes to your mind, you will be welcomed by very excellent and youthful staff that are actually residents of this village. They can speak at least in all languages. Place an order like mine- fish and fries and kacumbali or possibly an addition of posho if you were too hungry from Kigali.

Source: Taarifa Rwanda

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