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Angola with 22 collective investment organisations

Angola has twenty-two collective investment organisations (ICOs) authorised by the Capital Markets Commission (CMC) to handle investment funds in the country.

Among Angola collective investment organisations, the standouts are Atlântico Liquidez, with a share capital of Akz 20B, BFA Oportunamente III with an equal amount, Atlântico Propaty (Akz 13B), Aliança Global Empreendimentos (Akz 42M).

According to the chairman of the CMC Board of Directors, Maria Baptista, with these bodies it is currently possible to invest in collective investment funds for furniture and real estate in the country.

Maria Baptista, who was speaking at the webinar on Finance on Monday, as part of Investor Week, said Angola has a growing real estate market, which is contributing to the diversification of the economy.

“The key word for the investment fund is the investment unit. Whoever receives an investment fund receives its investment unit and with it can receive the gains”, she explained.

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In addition to ICOs, the CMC has only four Securities Brokers (SCVM) under control, which serve as a bridge to advise investors on investments and associated risks.

These are Africa Brokers S.A, Growth, S.A, Lwei Mansamusa Brokers-SCVM, S.A and Madz Global, S.A.

She said that citizens can now invest their savings in the purchase of government bonds that are Treasury Bonds.

In this case, the official explained, the State seeks to finance its projects and the citizen with his share invests in these investments and receives interest through them.

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