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Agreement between Angola and Germany regarding Air Transport Services



Through this International Treaty, both countries agreed to grant to the Designated Airline Companies, rights to overfly their territory without landing, to land in their territory for non-commercial purposes and to land in their territory to board/disembark passengers, cargo and/or correspondence, according with the routes that will be defined by Angolan and German Aeronautic Authorities.

The Designated Airline Companies will be chosen by each Party according with some criteria, namely, being established in Angola/Germany with a valid exploration license, existence of effective regulatory control and supervision and being owned predominantly by the Angolan/German State or its citizens (the Airline Companies chosen by Germany may also be owned by other State of the European Union or its citizens).

Each Party commits to provide the necessary authorizations/licenses to the Designated Airline Companies on the fastest term possible.

This treaty also foresees some instrumental rules, as the Principle of Non-Discrimination in relation to Airline Companies from other countries, the exemption from some taxes and customs duties, and easiness regarding the transference of capitals to the home country.

Article by Marco Correia Gadanha

Marco Correia Gadanha
Marco Correia Gadanha is a partner of the Portuguese law office MC&A. He is specialised in legal advice to international transactions. Marco has extensive experience of legal practice in Portugal and in the Portuguese-speaking African countries. Since 2008, he has practiced mainly in the areas of labor and litigation, assisting national and international clients in these and other matters, namely corporate law, especially in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique. He graduated at the University of Coimbra in 2005 and he holds post-graduations in Labor and Angolan Law.

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