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Ethiopia: moving towards Ethio Telecom liberalisation

Ethiopian Communication Authority, the supervisory organ of the Ethiopian Communication Sector, has drafted a universal service fund regulation as part of the telecom liberalisation process. Different public discussions are underway in order to draw the best approach to float and sell the 45% share of Ethio-telecom.

Furthermore, concerns are popping-up mainly in relation with the method of engagement of new invited operators. Some are still in question on how the rural area of the country will be managed by the new liberalisation structure. The main reason for such concern emanates from a conclusion that the urban area market is possibly more attractive for investment than the rural areas.

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The existing role of the state, which includes solely managing and expanding the service in the uncovered parts of the country, still points of concern in this liberalisation agenda. Some scholars are looking for the method and approach of the liberalization process while addressing this big role of the government.

Most probably, the process of liberalisation will be finalized and the newcomers to the telecom market in Ethiopia will be operational in mid-2021.

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