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Three unmissable experiences in Namibia for your bucket list

If Namibia is yet to be added to your travel list, make it the next destination you plan to head to. Here are three unmissable experiences in Namibia you need to do while you’re there…

As one of the least densely populated places on earth, Namibia is a multi-faceted off the beaten track destination which offers pure escapism and solitude. With numerous national parks and reservations, plenty of wildlife, adventures and dramatic landscapes, it is the perfect place for those seeking the great outdoors with a luxury twist. While you are there you want to ensure you make the most of your trip with some unmissable experiences in Namibia. Luckily, we’ve rounded up some of the best things to see and places to stay.

Below are three unmissable experiences in Namibia that just have to be on everyone’s bucket list…

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Tick off wildlife viewing on a safari at Etosha National Park

Credit Onguma Safari Camps

With over 40% of Namibia classed as conservation land, the best way to appreciate the country’s landscapes and animals is by safari in one of the many national parks. Suitable for self-driving, Etosha National Park is a 20,000 km squared salt pan home to dried mud flats, sandy slopes and arid clay beds. In the dry season, the area promises sightings of elephants, lions and black rhinos as they congregate at watering holes to cool down, whilst the wet season sees a more colourful sight with over 340 species of birds including pelicans and flamingos. Barren and remote, Etosha offers several camping sites where visitors can truly embrace their surroundings, sleep amidst the twinkling stars and wake up to an iconic desert sunrise. Guests seeking a luxurious place to rest can check in to a private Bush Suite at Onguma The Fort, which offers both an outdoor and indoor shower room, swimming pool and sun loungers overlooking a water hole. By day guests can take bush walks or indulge in a massage and then sip on sundowners whilst watching the sunset on a game drive.

Marvel at the dramatic Skeleton Coast

Image Credit: Shipwreck Lodge

One of Namibia’s most memorable spots, the 500km long Skeleton Coast stretches down the country offering jaw dropping views where the hostile Atlantic Ocean meets dramatic towering sand dunes. The coast is a photographer’s dream, peppered with historic shipwrecks, whale bones and fur seal colonies set against the ocean backdrop. Despite the dramatic harshness of the surrounding environment, an array of wildlife species have managed to make this area their home with visitors likely to spy black rhinos, lions, giraffes and the off shadow of a desert elephant looming dark and mysteriously on the horizon. After a day absorbing the solitary landscapes and spotting rare fauna, guests can stay at Shipwreck Lodge. With a cluster of cosy cabins located within the dunes by the Atlantic Ocean, the lodge offers escapism on a whole new level with tours allowing the chance to see abandoned diamond mines, game drives along dry river beds and trips to explore the coast.

Visit the spectacular dunes of Sossusvlei

Image Credit: Tibo for Zannier Hotels

Home to rippling ochre dunes, crackled white salt pans and an endless landscape, Sossusvlei is Namibia’s ultimate bucket list destination. Rolling for almost 50,000 km squared, there are numerous hidden spots to discover tucked between the petrified sand dunes. With a contrast between black tree skeletons, bleached white pans and the scorching sun, Deadvlei is a photographer’s paradise. Even though it’s the most visited area in Sossusvlei, this haunting spectacle is often completely silent and rarely sees a lot of tourists at once, perfect for those uninterrupted Instagram-worthy photos. As this is one of the best unmissable experiences in Namibia, you want to ensure you get some memorable photos. The real money shot is from the top of Big Daddy, the tallest dune in Sossusvlei offering spectacular views of the rusty-red towering dunes all around. In the evening, guests can lay their head at the nearby luxury oasis Zannier Hotels Sonop, offering spacious camp lodges surrounded by the panoramic desert landscape. Guests will be entertained with scenic drives, horseback riding, stargazing and an open-air cinema.

Source: See in the City

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