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Ecobodaa to launch Kenya’s first electric motorbike by 2021

Ecobodaa has plans to launch the first electric motorbike in Kenya by 2021. The e-motorbikes will be built and assembled in Nairobi.

Ecobodaa aims to provide a more affordable, safer, and environmentally-friendly means of transportation for commuters. It will serve as a better alternative for taxi drivers who rent their motorbikes at high rates.

This project will invariably provide a sustainable means of livelihood for thousands of Boda Boda riders.
Ecobodaa planned to launch the e-motorbikes this month but delayed plans until January 2021 due to challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has developed a prototype motorbike for the beta testing phase. A removable 72v Lithium battery which can last for 60 – 75km per hour is installed in each e-bike. The battery helps make the bikes consume less fuel and reduces the overall cost of maintenance. Ecobodaa will also track driver’s performance through a route playback system to show the distance covered as well as the speed of the bike.

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There will be battery swap stations for drivers to swap drained for fully charged batteries at strategic locations. The drivers will be able to enrol in a “lease-to-own credit model” to purchase the bikes in the long run.

“Ecobodaa, apart from tackling climate change through decarbonizing the most popular mode of transport in East Africa, also offers affordable lease-to-own terms. The riders get up to 90% savings on motorcycle servicing compared to owning a petrol-powered motorcycle which needs servicing every two weeks (3 months for Ecobodaa),” said Kimosop Chepkoit, the CEO of Ecobodaa.

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