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Angola: Diamond development hub secures job for young people

Angola’s eastern-based Lunda Sul province Diamond Development Hub, whose works are at 65 percent of completion, will guarantee more than two thousand jobs for youth.

The guarantee came from the Minister of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas, Diamantino Azevedo, while speaking on the sidelines of the visit of the President João Lourenço to the undertaking, in Lunda Sul province on Saturday.

According to the minister, the project started by providing training opportunities for young people in the province, some of whom are already studying abroad.

He said that Angola has a long-term goal to fulfil when it comes to cutting diamonds, but he did not disclose the capacity of the development hub.

The minister said the objective is to reach about 20 percent of the total diamond production, recognising, however, that it is a difficult goal to achieve.

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To him, many producing countries that have been in the polishing industry for longer than Angola, have not yet reached such levels.

Lunda Sul unit will have, in a first phase, five factories, in addition to that, there are 22 more plots of land available for the construction of other factories, which will allow the 20% of the total production to be reached.

The minister also explained that the diamond pole will also have two training schools, one of which is a “factory / school” for appraisers and cutters and another technical-professional linked to the Angolan National Company for Prospecting, Exploration, Lapidation and Marketing of Diamonds (ENDIAMA).

He revealed that, in addition to specialising in geology, exploration and transformation of minerals, the hub will have other areas such as electricity, mechanics and carpentry.

Diamantino Azevedo said that the energy will be provided by a hybrid plant, with thermal and solar energy.

The infrastructure, whose work began in October 2019, is estimated at US$77M, plus a complementary investment of US$2.3M.

Angola, with four diamond-cutting factories, exported in 2019 around US$1.3B in diamonds, of a volume of 9.4 million carats produced

Source: Angop

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