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Absa Bank Mozambique opens photo exhibition

Absa Bank Moçambique is hosting, from 21 October to 21 November 2020, a collective photo exhibition called “O que é preciso é amor” [“What is needed is love”] curated by Spanish photographer Héctor Mediavilla and with production and editing by Mozambican visual artist Filipe Branquinho.

The exhibition, coordinated by the Spanish Embassy in Mozambique and financed by Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), contains works by Mário Cumbana, Yassmin Santos Forte, Adiodato Gomes Tina Krueger, Iria Marina Adriano and Tomas Cumbana.

The six photographers each chose an aspect of love as the basis for their projects, all realised in a visually rich and impactful way.

“Hosting arts exhibitions has become an integral part of our way of being, and we intend with this one both to value the work of our artists, and set down a reference for the world of arts, at a time when the continuity of activities is hostage to the ability to reinvent ourselves and adapt to existing conditions. We make this commitment to ensure that our clients and the public in general remain in contact with our culture,” Rui Barros, Chief Executive Officer of Absa Bank Moçambique, remarked.

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The exhibition is the result of a photography workshop organised by AECID’s ‘ACERCA’ programme, which seeks to foster international networking between artists.

Since November 2019, Absa Bank Moçambique has been hosting a variety of exhibitions at its Maputo Premier Service Centre, involving artists from the already-established to those trying to break into the arts world.

This initiative follows a fashion exhibition resulting from a partnership between the bank and Mozambique Fashion Week project, involving 18 Mozambican designers.

“O que é preciso é amor” is at the Absa Bank Moçambique Premier Service Centre on Julius Nyerere Avenue from 21 October to 21 November 2020.

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