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Angola: New Criminal Code under final vote in November

The National Assembly (AN) takes the overall final vote, in a second deliberation, on the law to approve the Angolan Criminal Code.

The final vote is due to take place at the first extraordinary plenary meeting of the 4th legislative session of the Angolan National Assembly, scheduled for 4 November, as decided by the leaders of the parliamentary groups.

The new Criminal Procedure Code contains 18 titles, 50 chapters, 37 sections, 13 subsections and 604 articles.

The law, approved by the National Assembly on 22 July, was again on the agenda after the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, requested that the final text sent by Parliament be re-examined for promulgation, as, in his opinion, it was out of step with the new paradigm of the country.

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The Head of State asked the National Assembly to re-examine specific articles related, fundamentally, to crimes committed in the exercise of public posts.

João Lourenço sent to the speaker of the National Assembly a letter sharing “reflections and concerns” on the diploma, even requesting the re-examination of some of its provisions before promulgating it.

The questions raised by the President of the Republic essentially concern the rescue of the values of public probity in the exercise of functions and the national commitment to prevent and combat corruption at all levels.

This is a right that the Constitution gives to the President of the Republic to “veto” diplomas that contain rules with which he politically disagrees.

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