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Technology and the future prospects of language translators in Africa

Despite the fast-paced intervention of technology in communication processes and systems today, certain aspects still remain irreplaceable to a significant extent.

One of which is the role of language translators using technology such as Google Translate, iTranslate, Skype Translator, and a host of other applications.

The African culture is one that is characterized as having over 2,000 spoken native languages; with English, French, Afrikaans, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish taking the status as the top official languages in some parts of the continent since the colonial era.

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In Africa, communication goes beyond just the replacement of spoken words as is often depicted in automatic translation websites and mobile applications. Non-verbal cues like sound intensity and volume, kinesics (body movement), and proxemics (space) often convey distinct meanings. This is a major milestone that artificial intelligence technology is yet to overcome.

It remains uncertain how technology intends to integrate a comprehensive verbal and non-verbal translation system into future language translator inventions, but this gap suggests a viable business prospect for Language Translators (individuals and businesses) in Africa to the Western world.

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