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UK and Kenya secure trade agreement

The UK has moved a step closer to signing a sixth trade deal in Africa on Tuesday, as negotiations on a trade deal are finalised with Kenya. The agreement will ensure all companies operating in Kenya, including British businesses, can continue to benefit from duty free access as they export products including vegetables and flowers to their customers back in the UK.

Top goods imports to the UK from Kenya in 2019 were in coffee, tea and spices (£121M), vegetables (£79M) and live trees and plants, mostly flowers (£54M). The UK market accounts for 43% of total exports of vegetables from Kenya as well as at least 9% of cut flowers, and this agreement will support Kenyans working in these sectors by maintaining tariff-free market access to the UK. It also guarantees continued market access for UK exporters, who together sold £815M in goods and services to Kenya last year.

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