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Mozambique: Long-term contracts awarded for Kuvaninga power plant

Power plant services provider ADC Projects and Austrian energy engineering company ECI-Distribution have jointly been awarded the long-term operations and preventive and corrective maintenance contract for the Kuvaninga Energia power plant, in Mozambique.

The plant is operated and maintained by ADC Projects.

The Kuvaninga power plant – located near the town of Chokwé, about 235 km north of Mozambique’s capital Maputo – is a gas-fired power station with a total installed capacity of 40.35 MW and declared net capacity of 38.52 MW. Electricity is produced using ten Jenbacher J624 GS reciprocating gas engines.

To enhance the reliable supply of electricity to the Mozambique national grid, ADC partnered with ECI-Distribution, which specialises in high-tech products and solutions for gas engines. Specifically identified engine components will be upgraded with ECI-Distribution’s low maintenance and high-efficiency components.

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The partnership provides Kuvaninga with a single interface point for operations, preventive and corrective maintenance, major services and overhauls including parts supply. ADC’s highly skilled technicians will be complemented by the expertise of ECI-Distribution gas engine experts, ensuring minimal to zero unscheduled downtime.

Meanwhile, ADC and ECI-Distribution are also supplying a containerised Jenbacher 620 engine, providing an additional capacity of 3 MW to stabilise plant availability during engine services and upgrades.

Source: Engineering News via Club of Mozambique

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