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Telkom’s transition and its increase in mobile subscribers

Telkom mobile data revenue skyrocketed to 54% ahead of its 2021 financial year due to an 81% increase in mobile traffic.

Mobile subscribers went up 19% to 13.7 million with an addition of 2.2million subscribers, making Telkom a fast-growing mobile corporation in South Africa.

Their margin widened by 13.2% to 29.9% making a relative cost-to-revenue ratio from 53% in the prior period to 38% doubling its wages before interest, tax, devaluation, and defrayment to R2.9-billion.

The strong growth in mobile traffic was due to the Covid-19 lockdown in cooperation to customers working from home, and the transition to online learning.

CEO Sipho Maseko made a comment that “Telkom mobile performed profoundly, regardless of the negative impact of the national lockdown on parts of our business.”

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Upgrade from copper to Fibre cables

Telkom will be making an upgrade from copper to fibre cables in certain regions in South Africa, urging customers to make this transition.
This migration to fibre (including installation, connection & modem) will be at NO COST.

Benefits of upgrading to Fibre by Telkom

• Reliability
• Stable internet connection
• Faster internet upload and download speed
• Reduced down-time
• No changes to your current telephone number
• We have got your upgrade fee covered

This upgrade from DSL (Digital Subscriber Line/loop) to fibre will be done by 30th November 2020.

The reason for this change is to get rid of copper theft and recurring faults.

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