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AfCFTA: meetings in place in preparations for trading in 2021

AfCFTA: Good progress has been made to operationalise the AfCFTA, so that it delivers the promise of prosperity for the people of Africa. One African market.

To support AfCFTA State parties to deliver on one African Market, the AfCFTA secretariat is hosting a series of meetings to prepare for the start of trading in January 2021.

The goal of the meetings are to agree on:

1. Operationalisation of the customs provisions in the Agreement establishing the AfCFTA.

2. The Protocol on Trade in Goods i.e tariff reduction schedules; Rules of Origin; Customs Cooperation and Mutual Admin Assistance; Trade Facilitation; Transit.

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Current status of AfCFTA Ratification as of 17 November 2020:

34 ratifications approved.
30 instruments of ratification deposited.

The African continent is about to become the world’s largest free trade area. If not addressed, non-tariff barriers (NTBs) may slow down this effort.

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