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Coursera vs Udemy: Learn online in pandemic times

Millions of people are turning to online learning. It is more appealing than the conservative methods. Especially now during the pandemic times of Covid 19.

Online courses are more affordable and flexible.

In the traditional methods, you have to specific time aside every week to attend classes.

With online courses, you learn at your own pace. You can access online platforms from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet enabled device.

With so many online learning platforms, which is the best? Udemy and Coursera are two of the best platforms for online courses.

It has partnerships with top organisations and universities. It has over 2,000 academic courses on its platform. Besides online courses, it provides online degrees programs created by top universities and academic institutions in the world including Duke, University of Michigan and more.

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Course categories
• Social sciences
• Business
• Humanity and arts
• Data science, computer science
• Engineering
• Physical science, life sciences
• Languages

The pricing is dependent on the course. They offer free courses by you have to pay for an expanded course. Each course costs from US$29 to US$99. Specializations range from US$39 to US$79 per month. Accredited masters degree will cost you US$15,000 to US$25,000.

What you receive
If you are a free user you will access course materials. When you pay for courses, you will have access to assignment and get a final grade. After completion of a course, you will get a degree certification or certificate of completion for specializations and courses.

Coursera instructors are from top educational institutions and universities in the world.

Coursera app is available on Android and iOS devices. It videos have subtitles available in over 30 languages.

Read more about it on this Coursera guide.

Udemy is one of the biggest online learning platforms. It provides an open platform for instructors. They can create and market their courses that are then rated on a five-star scale by online students. It has over 60,000 unique courses.

Course categories
• Test prep, academics, teacher training
• Language
• Office productivity, business, marketing
• Health and fitness, lifestyle, personal development
• IT & software, Development
• Music, design, photography

The pricing is per course ranging from $10 to $200 per course.

What you get
You will have access to learning tools including videos, audio, online discussion boards, assessments and PowerPoint presentations. You will also get lifetime access to the course.

As it is an open platform, experts who create the course manage the course.

Udemy apps are available on Apple TV, iOS and Android devices. Its website has been localized to over 10 languages. This makes it easy for non-English speakers to learn.

Read more about it on this Udemy guide.

Udemy and Cousera are among the best online platforms offering online courses. Cousera is great if you want to access the world’s best brains from top universities. If you are choosing from many courses, Udemy is a great choice as it has a wide range of courses.


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