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Nigeria’s leading Agri-Tech, Farmcrowdy celebrates 4 years anniversary

Founded in 2016, Farmcrowdy recently marks its fourth-year anniversary celebrations with announcements about the launch of Farmcrowdy 3.0.

The occasion was also a celebration of the third National Agriculture Day, another initiative of Farmcrowdy in Nigeria.

The company was established by a team of five led by Onyeka Akumah, with a mission to empower small-holder local farmers and Agripreneurs by providing them with necessary tools, technology, and financing to boost the rate of food production and supply value chain.

Farmcrowdy 3.0 has been described as a platform that encompasses six strategic business units consisting of FC Tech and Data; FC Structured Finance; FC Insurance; FC Marketing; FC Aggregation; and FC Foods.

These business units are set to be primarily driven by tech to deliver value to their end-users.

Descriptions of the business unit operations were shared by the unit leaders with FC Tech and Data to provide insights and data for relevant analytics.

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FC Structured Finance providing access to capital and loan facilities, FC Insurance providing insurance services, FC Marketing to provide marketing solutions via the Agricsquare platform with expansion plans into other countries Addressing a major problem faced by rural farmers in accessing buyers of produce and vice versa, Obi Luya, FC Aggregation business lead explains the FC Aggregation platform as one where “Buyers are able to come to the platform remotely and see farmers who have uploaded their products.

They can also make their choices and concerns known and get real-time responses.”

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