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Rwanda and IRCAD France set to unveil IRCAD Africa in 2021

A partnership between the Rwanda Government through the Ministry of Health and IRCAD France birthed plans to close the knowledge and technology gap that exists in Africa with an aim to improve and advance surgery within the continent.

IRCAD Africa’s activities will focus primarily on research and development (R&D) in automated 3D modeling from medical images, modeling in surgical planning and software, as well as augmented reality according to David Kamanda, the Managing Director of IRCAD Africa.

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Dr. Alexandre Hostettler, Head of the IRCAD Surgical Data Science Team (R&D), shared that the IRCAD institute Africa welcomes engineers and tech enthusiasts skilled in artificial intelligence and good knowledge of C++ programming language to develop health applications. Opportunities also exist for AI engineers who intend to work in the healthcare industry or further their education through Ph.D. research opportunities at the institute.

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