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Angola resumes gold production

Angola has resumed gold production, with the installation of the Chipindo gold mine in southern Huíla province, with an average production capacity of 4.5 kg/month of gold concentrate, says a note from the mining sector that reached Angop on Sunday.

The production, adds the note, has reached approximately 4 kg of gold (dore bars) after initial refining, operating for almost two years, the gold mine currently employs 55 workers, mostly from the provinces of Huila, Huambo, Benguela and Luanda.

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Lafech Mining, a partnership with Ferrangol, is the first company under Angolan law responsible for the extraction of gold ore and recovery of this strategic mineral.

As a result of the work of these Angolan companies, the country registered, 45 years after its independence, the name on the list of gold producers.

Deimang, SA (production sharing contract with Lafefech Mining Resources) has been hired as an operator.

Source: Angop

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