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21 African women on BBC’s list ‘100 women of 2020’

The BBC has recently revealed its list of 100 inspiring and influential women from around the world for 2020, which features the impressive number of 21 African women who are leading by example in many different fields of work, such as sports, art, culture, activism, empowerment, education and gender equality.

Africa is the most represented continent on the list, as well as the most diverse, with women from 16 different countries making the list.

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Below you will find the full list of the 21 African women who made the BBC list. We extend our gratitude, however, toward all the millions of unsung heroines who are not in the list, but still make a difference, through their struggles, perseverance and determination, so that younger generations of women can finally reap the benefits of a fairer, more equal world.


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