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Royal Zambian Airlines takes to the air

Royal Zambian Airlines was officially incorporated in May of 2020, and now prepares to embark on its maiden voyage to Johannesburg in December 2020.

Even though the company operates as a department within the Royal Air Charters brand, and exists commercially as its subsidiary, Royal Zambian Airlines is a wonder all of its own – offering ‘best-in-class’, medium-range jet capability for fifty (50) passengers, by way of an Embraer 145LR.

The carrier is supported by a 30-seater twin-turboprop Embraer 120 ER, and by a world-class management team that will work around the clock to ensure flyers enjoy a safe and luxurious travel experience at all times.

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The debut of Royal Zambian Airlines is purposely defined by a renewed dedication to ensuring the health and safety of all passengers, aboard the flights and beyond. Current flight schedule covers the route from Lusaka to Johannesburg, and vice versa, and allows customers to change their travel plans up to 24 hours before departure (at no cost) with flexible tickets.

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