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Meet Dotun Popoola and his ‘Synergetic Hybrid Metal Sculpting’

Dotun Popoola is a Nigerian Synergetic Metal Sculptor, whose work protests the issue of waste in his immediate environment, turning trash to treasures, while imbuing them with his own unique and very characteristic African flair.

Source: Twitter @dotunpopoo

His work mainly features magnificent, colourful life-size sculptures of animals, all made from scrap and recycled materials, but his boundless imagination often leads him to highly original creations, like the 100% Nigerian “scrap-mask”, equipped with bluetooth earphones, AM/FM radio and which regulates both the inner and outerside temperatures while also repelling electric flow to the skin. Check it out below:

Source: Twitter @dotunpopoo

Regarding his life’s work:

“In a way, it is an avenue to give life to lifeless. I use it to communicate the issue of life after death. I want people to see a lot of things in that work and have hope.” Dotun Popoola

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