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Pearls top list of Egypt exports to UAE in 2020

Egypt has exported large quantities of pearls and precious stones to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) since the beginning of 2020, the Egyptian government revealed in a statement according to RT News.

The statement noted that pearls topped the list of Egyptian exports to the UAE in 2020, resulting in over US$203M in pearl sales in January and over US$192M in February.

Official figures issued by the state-run Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS) put the total for Egyptian exports of pearls and precious stones in five months at US$974.342M.

Egypt’s pearl exports reached US$149.627M in March, US$250.518M in April and US$178.17M in May. The sale of pearls in May 2020 increased by US$90M since May of 2019.

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Source: Middle East Monitor

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