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Mozambique’s BNI bank shares results of latest Credit Lines to support SMEs

The CEO of Mozambique’s BNI bank, Dr. Tomás Matola, spoke in a press conference yesterday, sharing data about the bank’s most recent credit lines, aimed at assisting the country’s SMEs to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

BNI total funds from the two credit lines – “GovCOVID-19” and “BNI-COVID-19” – amounted to roughly £16M (about US$21,5M), which Dr. Matola explained were greatly exceeded (in 600%, in fact) by the financing demand shown by Mozambican companies looking to weather the current hardships brought about by the pandemic.

In total, 1058 credit applications were received, 585 (55%) from Mozambique’s south region, 293 (28%) from the central region and 180 (17%) from the north region.

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BNI’s CEO, Dr. Tomás Matola at the Press Conference

Dr. Matola stated that out of all the applications received, a total of 21% have been approved for financing, 48% from the south region, 32% for the central region and 20% from the north region.

Below you will find a detailed breakdown of each of the most represented sectors which were benefitted through BNI’s credit lines, in relation to their total share and also their share in their respective regions:

Commerce 29% 17% 37% 55%
Poultry / Livestock 16% 25% 3% 16%
Tourism 9% 13% 6% 4%
Food processing Industry 8% 2% 16% 11%
Agriculture 6% 4% 11% 5%
Education 6% 9% 1% 5%


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