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Ethiopia launches its second satellite

Ethiopia has launched its second satellite, ET Smart RSS2, to space, which will send high quality pictures that will help the Ethiopian government to make the right decisions in various sectors.

Ethiopia Space Science Technology Institute Director Abdissa Yilma indicated that the 8.9 kilogram satellite has better quality image resolution compared with the first satellite Ethiopia has launched from China several months ago. Currently the nano satellite has 700 kilometers above the earth and has been sending pictures, according to Mr. Abdissa.

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Like the first satellite Ethiopia has sent to space, ET Smart RSS2 will also be used for minerals explorations, agriculture, natural resources conservation and management, natural disasters predictions, rural and urban land governance, water resources management among others. He indicated that ET Smart RSS2 launched by March 8 rocket launcher.

Reports show that space technology has been used by many developed countries for proper management of their natural resources as well as intelligence gathering.

Source: New Business Ethiopia

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