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2020 – The year of the Financial Woman

The year 2020 was a big year for women in leadership. The women in Zambia’s banking sector had the biggest stories on the financial sector in the country and four examples can be found below.

Their resounding stories captured the hearts of readers due to their authenticity. In Q1 2020, one of the most anticipated rebrandings of a bank took place just before the onset of COVID 19. One would argue that her transformation of Barclays into ABSA was a legacy defining moment for her.

In Q2, a stalwart banker and devout catholic who had served one bank and one bank only over a career that spanned 20 years in 3 continents took the helm of the Zambian branch of a global bank whose financial ‘tentacles’ have been present in some of the biggest transactions of private sector in Zambia.

In Q3, Zambia’s equivalent of a ‘Banking Dame’, after transforming a state owned bank into modernity took the helm of one of the top 3 banks in Zambia. She came full at the top of banking leadership with experiences in Private, Public and Central Banking.

Finally, in Q4, a Board in need of a CEO made the decision to appoint their Chief Financial Officer whose passion to resolving the housing finance debacle in Zambia has echoed in all her speeches since taking office. Her appointment was fitting as the financial institution celebrated its 50th Birthday with a woman in charge of it destiny.

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Q1: Rebranding Barclays into ABSA using Africanacity – Melu Mizinga ABSA

The article: Melu Mizinga delivers the ‘Vertical Card’

“When Barclays Zambia became ABSA, many Zambians were wondering what in the world Melu Mizinga and her team were up to. What many consumers of the old Blue Brand Banking offering did not realise that ABSA was now taking them into a whole new era of banking.”

Q2: When staying the course yields the expected outcome – Lowani Chibesakunda CITI

The article: The future is female for CITI Bank Zambia

“Global conglomerate bank, Citibank has appointed Lowani Chibesakunda as CEO and Managing Director for their Zambian operations. Lowani Chibesakunda is the first Zambian female CEO for Citibank Zambia and takes over the reins of the country’s fourth most profitable bank in 2019 from Ferdinand Zauma.”

Q3: A tale of coming full circle at the helm of banking – Mukwandi Chibesakunda ZANACO

The Article: Lady Mukwandi Chibesakunda for the ZANACO top job

“Zambia National Commercial Bank (ZANACO) PLC has appointed Mrs. Mukwandi Chibesakunda as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective October 1st, 2020, according to an announcement issued by the bank’s Board of Directors.”

Q4: When building Zambian Homes is all that matters – Mildred Mutesa

The article: Why Boards need not look beyond the pond – Mildred Mutesa’s ascension to the building society throne

“In September 2020, after a nine-month wait for the confirmation of a CEO, Zambia National Building Society’s Interim Board announced the appointment of Chartered Accountant Mildred Mutesa as Chief Executive Officer”.

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