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African asylum seekers from Libya arrive in Rwanda

A group of 130 asylum seekers from Libya have arrived in Rwanda on Tuesday, December 29 as part of the government of Rwanda’s commitment to temporarily host Africans who have been evacuated from the North African country, after being stranded there.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Management (MINEMA), this was the 5th group to arrivals in the country since September 2019 when the process of evacuating them to Rwanda started.

The move is in line with the framework of the Emergency Transit Mechanism established through a tripartite agreement between the Government of Rwanda, UNHCR and the African Union.

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Under the agreement, Rwanda made a commitment to host African refugees trapped in Libya after their desperate efforts to make it to European countries were cut short.

Currently, 385 refugees have been evacuated to Rwanda and of these, over 200 got resettled in other countries – mainly in Europe.

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